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Without the Wise and Healthy there is no point to the Wealth. We have to continue to educate ourselves. By doing so we can gain knowledge we did know before.

Wise: While reading words of wisdom from leaders, teachers, and self-education authors I will share with you what I learn. I am sure there are pearls nestled in the oysters which are books, tapes, and webinars. Being wise also has a lot to do with mindset. Mindset can be changed with Yoga and Meditation. Gratitude is also so very important in our over-all well being.

Healthy: One morning I woke up and realized I was all of a sudden getting older. Where did my 20's and 30's etc go? I have had a lot of fun. Done what I wanted and did not heed any articles there for me to read about staying healthy. Upon reflecting on this fact it dawned on me that if I wanted to continue to have fun I best start taking care of this flesh and blood that houses me. I would like you to get the benefit of anything I research and discover. Are you game to come along on this journey with me?

Wealth: Is good old fashion work at a job for 20-30 years going to help you gain wealth? Is it even possible to stay in a job long enough to retire any longer in this corporate environment? Let's explore the options. It seems today network marketing is an option more and more people are turning to. I have been in and out of quite a few companies over the course of my life. Yet continued to also have a job. Still, it seems now I have time to really study it this is the best course of action for an entrepreneur. I will introduce some products that are working for me and some not all will be affiliate links because they have an affiliate program.

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